Photos From China

Suhui is feeling much better today. She slept until 12:30pm. I let her. I figured she needed the rest. I had a good night’s sleep also. 🙂 Makes for a much better day. When she woke up, she was hungry and ate a huge lunch. Then she started complaining about her stomach hurting. I wasn’t surprised as much as she ate.

It was nice here today, so after lunch we all went outside to play. Suhui drew with sidewalk chalk and even ventured around the side of the house (away from me) to watch her brothers play in the dirt. After a couple of hours she started looking and acting tired, so we lay down for a nap.

I woke her up for supper. She was really zoned out. She didn’t want to eat, but she finally tried a bite of plain spaghetti and did not like it. We even had watermelon–a favorite, but she didn’t want it. (Wal-Mart has these great-tasting small watermelons for $3.) She was really out-of-it for several hours. She wouldn’t even really respond to me. I think that this is the first obvious grieving that we’ve seen from her. It’s a good thing, but it is sad to see her like that. She fell asleep on the couch for while. After a bath, she’s back to her old self, including the not-so-good habits. 🙂 She did play with Baba while I worked-out. Yes!!! Thank God for small blessings!

We were busy traveling the last couple of days we were in China and did not have access to a computer. So I thought I’d post a some photos from then.

This is our family on the dinner cruise our last night in Guangzhou.


Suhui got mad because we wouldn’t let her run around the dining room, so she lay down on the window ledge by our window for a while. It was kind of nice (and quiet).


Jackson, Caleb, and Carter on the top deck of the riverboat. They had fun trying to jump up and touch the bottom of the bridges we went under.


Suhui and Youyou on the riverboat


Suhui and Mama on the riverboat


Views from the riverboat



We went to the Botannical Garden in Guangzhou on our last day there. It was amazing! I did not get to see all of it. Tommy had to go sign some papers that morning. I put Suhui’s stroller in the van because of all the steps–mistake. She refused to walk after a while, and I’m such a mean Mommy I refused to carry her 35 pounds all over the garden. So we sat and people watched while everyone else toured.

Many of the decorations at the garden are for the Spring Festival



Chinese New Year decorations



Carter, Caleb and Jackson


Caleb playing a drum


Our guide Rebecca bought the kids some food to feed the fish. It was amazing–the number of fish!


Not-too-happy Suhui–I wouldn’t let her climb around in the flower beds. 😦


New Year’s decorations




Suhui eating ice cream


Suhui and Mama on the train to Hong Kong


We got to Hong Kong so late that we didn’t get to do anything. Our hotel was very nice with a living area, dining area, small kitchen, and view of the harbor. We left at 8:45 the next morning for the drive to the airport. We and the Hammond crew had to rent a 21-passenger bus for us and all of our luggage to get to the airport. Sad thing is that we really needed that much space.

Our 15-hour flight from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ wasn’t too bad. After 6 hours of sitting with Suhui, I needed a break and wanted to try to sleep. So I switched seats with Tommy. He and Caleb were in the row behind us. Suhui did not want Baba to sit beside her, so she cried for 2 hours! I kept thinking, “I would expect an infant or toddler to cry on a flight that long but not a 5-year-old crying because she can’t get her way.” She wasn’t afraid of the plane either–she was just as excited as when we flew from Wuhan to Guangzhou. After 2 hours of crying with Baba trying to entertain her, walk around with her, etc, she fell asleep for several hours.

After we got through immigration in Newark, we found out that they had moved us to an earlier flight to Atlanta. Good thing because originally we only had a 40 minute layover between our arrival in Atlanta and our flight to Columbus. I really did not want to spend the night in Atlanta. I was so ready to be home! So everything worked out perfectly.

On the flight from Atlanta to Columbus, Caleb was so excited that he was bouncing in his seat. In the Atlanta airport, Suhui and I had been looking at her photo album with all of our family. I was telling her in my broken Chinese that we would see them when we landed at the aiport. Caleb and I both became more and more excited the closer we got to Columbus. But Suhui seemed to become more and more anxious and clingy. Understandably.

We had many friends and family at the airport to meet us. My camera battery was dead, so I didn’t get photos. I’d appreciate any of you who did get photos sending them to me. Suhui met Eli and Titus first and then Granny. Caleb and Titus were so excited to see each other. Titus told us on the drive home that he missed us(Tommy and me) but he missed Caleb the most. Caleb also was very excited to see his best friend Robert. We spent a while visiting. Suhui was thrilled to get a bag of candy and GUM and also a stuffed panda.

My dear friend Angie not only cared for my boys and animals while we were away, she also did an home makeover. It looked awesome! Caleb walked in my bathroom and said, “What happened?” When I told him that Aunt Angie did it, he said, “It looks like she got some of those tv people to come here.” So, Angie, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have been noticing new things for days.

Also, thanks to Linda and Angie who painted our playroom. Can you believe it? It is much brighter and pleasant in orange than in that dark purple. THANK YOU!!!



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6 responses to “Photos From China

  1. I hate for any of you to have tough times but this will all pass and you’ll wonder where the time went.

    Thank you for sharing with us. I feel like I know you all a bit better.

  2. Sarah

    I am still praying for a smooth transition for you guys! Those two little girls are precious! I love how Rachel is loving on Clara!

  3. Hey girl! Rebecca here from the plane ride to Beijing. 🙂 I wanted to leave a comment to let you know I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are being refreshingly honest!! There are way too many blogs out there that only present the “Fairytale side” of adoption and not the hard stuff! And the fact is that MOST of us go through the hard stuff! I had the exact same feelings you did while we were in China (“What have I done to my happy family? Is it too late to undo this?”) It’s overwhelming to adopt a child that is older and comes to you already with certain behaviors in place. I KNOW God gives us grace though and I’m realizing how important it is to stay close to Him and ask for His help every day! I’m also seeing more and more how much adoption is about UNSELFISH LOVE.

    I’m praying for you guys and I hope we can continue to keep in touch. Things are going better with Owen and I know that it will be better and better with Rachel. Hang in there and lean on Jesus!


  4. Linda/Robert

    Monday when I talked to Caleb, he said that the garden was his favorite place to visit. He told me all about the fish. Even though you may not have had the best of times at the garden maybe knowing that Caleb did will help. Being a good Mama is hard work. Being a bad Mama is easy. You were being a good Mama!!! It would have been easier to give in to her wishes. You are good, Kim. Do not think bad of yourself because you have to be strict. You have mild mannered, quiet spoken children so this is all a new world to you. Come on over to my house where the TV has to be played wide open to hear it because of all the noise from the latest battle being fought!! It is hard for me to constantly be the enforcer!! I am sure the noise alone has to be enough to almost push you over the edge. The two together wears on your nerves and energy level!! At least it does mine. I love you, Kim!! You are a beautifully and wonderfully made child of God. Keep looking to Him!! He will guide you through. I am always only a phone call away day or night. Call when ever you have the need. Linda

  5. Hi Tommy, oh my goodness YES my grandfather was Buster Curtis!!! My grandmother Frances still lives in the same house in New Orleans that they raised their 7 children in. Buster designed the house, and I believe it was featured in Life Magazine in the 1950’s or maybe early 60’s? Very unique house with lots of glass. Buster died in ’97 and I miss him very much. He was an amazing architect, but even more, just one of those people you can’t forget. His youngest son David has followed in his footsteps and is also an architect in New Orleans.

    If you guys want to email back and forth – our email address is Keep in touch!


  6. Christi

    I love how open you are about all of this. It makes praying for the whole situation so much easier! You know, Kim, I think you are a wonderful Mama. There have been lots of times in the 13 yrs I’ve been a Mama when I felt like the only time I was doing something right was when the kids were in the bed…LOL

    Just the fact that you and Tommy are supporting each other so intimately is just precious. I can only imagine how hard this is but with every single post you write I am impressed. You are such a strong woman of faith.

    I love you!!!

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