Need to Vent!


We were awakened at 5am today and told that transport was coming in 10 minutes to take Rachel to pre-op holding. As a reward for getting to do this pre-op thing twice, we get to go 20minutes earlier. I quickly wake Rachel up and have to wash her with the special bacteria-killing cloths. Rachel HATES this! This is the fourth time we’ve had to do this–once in evening after shower and once in the morning before surgery. The cloths are warmed, but, of course, she quickly gets cold after being wiped down. So she’s crying and curled up in a ball making it very hard to wipe her down. I tell her that we’ll wrap her up and cuddle til her bed with wheels comes.

We’re ready to go at 5:10am. We wait and wait. At 5:30 Tommy comments, “Not only are they going to be later than they said, they’re going to be later than yesterday.” Thankfully, Rachel goes back to sleep.

At 6:00 the nurse comes to tell us that she just got off of the phone with the surgeon’s wife. His back spasms are even worse today, and she thinks he’s going to have to go to the ER. UUUGGGGH! I feel sorry for the doc. I know he’s hurting, but this is extremely frustrating. Hospital’s are NOT fun places to be regardless of how nice everyone is and how much fun stuff they have for the kids to do.

The nurse said that the doc will make a decision by 8:00 as to whether he will be able to do surgery at all today, but she didn’t think it is likely that he will be able to.

I’m just ready to get home. Rachel is too. She says multiple times a day, “We go home?” I’m tired of having to prepare my very anxious child over and over for this. She has enjoyed the attention and playing, but she periodically starts getting worked up and anxious, whimpering pitifully. So I have to tell her over again what is going to happen. The doctor’s going to work on your heart…when you wake up Mommy and Daddy will be there…after you rest for a few days then we will be able to go home.

I have to say… if they tell us we’re not having surg today, I’m not waiting 4-5 hours for them to discharge us “properly”. We’ll sign whatever and leave.


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  1. Oh my word, this would take more patience than I would have. I’ll pray for your family.

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