200 Days…126 Things About Rachel

OOPS! :p I was supposed to post this on Monday. But Rachel, Titus, and I left early to go to Birmingham for Rachel’s six-month appointment at the International Adoption Clinic. We spent three hours there. They were waiting til she had been home six months and had enough language to do a complete developmental assessment. Then we had to do a quick Target trip since we were near one. So it ended up being a long day.

Then we started school on Tuesday. Still trying to get into the swing of our new schedule. I spent a chunk of time Tuesday just getting Eli set up–he does most of his work on his own. All day Rachel and Titus kept saying, “When are you going to do OUR school?”

So here’s my 200 days home post, three days late. And I didn’t make it to 200 things either. Thus is my life, but it sure is exciting! 🙂

My friends Erica and Aimee did this at 100 days. I didn’t have it in me to do this at 100 days. But today (Monday, August 10) Rachel has been home 200 days, so here are 100 things about our China princess.

1. She loves dressing up, especially in her Cinderella dress from Aunt Christy.

2. She loves the movie Cinderella. We bought it in China, and she watched it several times while we were there and many, many times since we’ve been home.

3. She loves babies and would rather play with them even if there are other children her age around.

4. She loves music and tries to sing every song that comes on tv/radio even if she’s never heard it before.

5. One of her favorite things to do is to play with her dollhouse that Mom, Dad, and Granny gave her for her birthday. She will play with it for an hour alone, but she and Titus love to play with it together. Of course, Titus uses Clone Troopers to attack the dolls.


6. She can count to 20 and say her ABCs, but we’re having a hard time learning colors or learning to recognize numbers and letters. Example: When Tommy got sunburned at the beach, she said, “Dad, you’re green!”

7. If you ask her if her name is Suhui now, she says, “No! My name Rachel Stewart!”

8. The child loves to argue. She will argue with you over whether the sky is blue.

9. Popsicles are one of her favorite treats. She asks, “Can I have popsicle?” about a dozen times a day.

10. Being outside swinging on the swingset is one of her favorite activities.

11. She loves swimming, too.

12. She adores spending time at Granny’s house.

13. She likes to help Granny work in the yard. Granny says she is a good helper and pays her for helping.

14. She is still extremely LOUD!

15. She has asked, “I do my school?” just about everyday this summer.

16. The only time she is still is when she is asleep.

17. She’s an early bird, usually beats everyone else up in the morning except Mom.

18. She’s a cuddle bug.

19. She likes for Mom to paint her “toga-nails”(her version of “toenails”). We’ve worked and worked on this, but they are still “toga-nails”.

20. This one’s probably TMI, but she’s the only girl I’ve ever met who can MISS while SITTING on the potty. Seriously, she can pee straight out the front.

21. She gets extremely anxious when talking about going to the doctor/hospital and totally freaks out if she thinks they might even possibly stick her with a needle.

22. She loves playing board games.

23. She likes to play Memory. Strangely, she is great at remembering cards turned over way back at the beginning of the game, but may not be able to remember one I just turned over 5 seconds ago. We had a discussion on the adopting older kids group about short-term memory problems. Apparently, it’s pretty common in older kids adopted from China. There’s a study correlating trauma to short-term memory problems that I’m interested in looking up.

24. She likes to help Mommy cook.

25. She loves to help do jobs around the house. Has a much better attitude than her brothers I have to say.

26. She would much rather hang around grown-ups most of the time rather than other kids. She is learning how to play with kids though.

27. She has a new friend who moved in next door who she loves playing with.

28. She doesn’t understand why she cannot touch/climb on/talk to everyone she meets. (This is not a good thing with adopted kids, I know.)

29. She does get her feelings hurt now whenever we correct her. For the longest time, I really don’t think she cared that much what we thought.

30. She loves to read books.

31. She was not fond of sweet things when she first came home, but her taste has quickly adapted to want cookies, candy, etc.

32. Her favorite beverage is water. The only other things she likes are Sprite and sometimes lemonade.

33. She still loves watermelon, hamburgers, and fried chicken.

34. She likes to show off over and over that she can put her head all the way under in the swimming pool. “Mom! Watch me!”

35. She has no fear of the deep end of our friend’s pool even though she had an incident where she slipped into the deep end and went under.

36. She talks non-stop from the time she gets up in the morning til she konks out at night. Even when Mom says, “Okay, Rachel, Mom needs some quiet,” she will go to another room and talk to herself as she plays.

37. She constantly asks “What is….?” “What is ‘later’?” What is ‘in a little while’?” “What is tomorrow?” “What is ‘a little bit’?”

38. She still hasn’t gotten meals straight yet even though we’ve been working on them. She frequently asks for supper when she gets up in the morning and breakfast in the evening.

39. Usually the first words out of her mouth in the morning are “Mom, I’m hungry.”

40. The second words out of her mouth in the morning are “Mom, I’m thirsty.”

41. Anytime, I’m somewhere in the house that she cannot see me, “She walks around calling ‘Mom! Mom!’ until she finds me.

42. If I go to the store and leave her with Tommy, she asks him repeatedly, “Where Mom?”

43. She likes to sing the Scooby-Doo theme song, but she calls him “Stoopy-Doo”.

44. She and her two youngest brothers are obsessed with SpongeBob. We didn’t let the boys watch it for years. Now that we do, they can’t get enough.

45. She never played with her many baby dolls that she has except whenever other girls were around.  In just the past few weeks she has started carrying a baby around with her much of the time.

46. She gets very excited about going to children’s worship at church.

47. She enjoys reading stories about children being adopted and likes for me to talk about us going to get her and bring her home.

48. She wants to have everything on her plate that her brothers have on theirs even if it’s food she doesn’t like. Drives her mama crazy.

49. She is extremely generous. She always tries to give toys away whenever her friends come over. Once she tried to give away $10 she got for her birthday. When the mom said “no”, she tried to get the little girl to hide it in her pocket.

50. Her fingernails and toenails grow extremely fast.

51. Her favorite tv shows are “Sid the Science Kid”, “Handy Manny”, and “Curious George”.

52. She loves to dance.

53. She thinks it’s silly when Mama dances with her.

54. She loves to laugh.

55. She loves to make other people laugh.

56. She usually falls asleep pretty quickly. Tommy sits with her while she falls asleep. Once she’s out, she’s out.

57. She will not take a nap even though she needs one, and I make her lie down every afternoon. But she does fall asleep in the car if we go anywhere in the afternoon.

58. The only medication she takes for her heart is 1/2 baby aspirin a day.

59. She has developed allergies like my other kids since she’s been home. She takes Zyrtec everyday for that.

60. She loves to play in the bathtub.

61. She has lost her Chinese except for a few words she pops out occasionally, “fei ji” for airplane and “chou xi” for supermarket.

62. She enjoys learning the Chinese words for things. She thinks they sound funny.

63. She has gained 5 lbs since she’s been home.

64. She has grown 1 1/2 inches since she’s been home.

65. She loves to eat any kind of meat.

66. She loves to eat boiled eggs.

67. She is outgrowing her 4t clothes and is mostly wearing 5 or 6 now.

68. She loves getting outgrown clothes from her friends Anna and Abigail.

69. She loves getting new clothes.

70. She thinks a girl can never have too many shoes, especially sparkly ones.

71. She loves to get mail. Almost everyday she asks, “Where’s my mail?”

72. She loves her birthday cards. She keeps them on her nightstand and likes for me to read them to her. She says, “I want to read this book.”

73. She likes to check the mail for Mama.

74. She’s always the first one to remind us to pray at mealtimes and bedtime.

75. She takes her little Bible out on the porch and says, “Mom, I’m going outside to read my Bible.” That’s where I frequently have my quiet time in the morning.

76. She loves listening to Bible stories from her Bible story book.

77. She likes to sing “This Little Light of Mine” since she learned it at VBS.

78. She also likes to sing “The Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock”.

79. But her favorite song is “Jesus Loves Me.”

80. She likes to watch “Clone Wars” with her brothers.

81. She loves to give big hugs and hard kisses.

82. She and Titus like to pack their backpacksand pretend they’re going to school.

83. She loves to look at pictures of herself, especially our photos from when we were in China.

84. She doesn’t seem to remember the orphanage director, the orphanage lady who brought her to us or our guide in the photos.

85. She calls her brothers by their names now instead of “da ge,” “er ge”, and “di di”.

86. She has learned how to pester her brothers. She used to annoy them just by being herself. Now she purposely does things to annoy them. That’s what little sisters are for, right?

87. She has a boo-boo that needs a band-aid anytime one of her brothers needs a band-aid.

88. She got her first tick last week and was not at all happy when I had to pull it off. 😦

89. She does NOT do sick well. She cries and cries even with me holding her even after I’ve given her medicine and anything else she wants.

90. She fights taking medicine when she is sick. First, she cries, “I no like medicine!” Then she clamps both hands over her mouth. When I do manage to get it in her, she spits it out. Does not make for a happy mama.

92. Frequently when she has a boo-boo she says, “Ant bite me here.” The other day she showed me a sore in her mouth and said that it was where an ant bit her.

93. She loves to color.

94. She likes to cut and glue and tape, too.

95. She enjoys doing puzzles and her ability has improved tremendously from when we first came home.

96. She likes to ride in the stroller and go for walks with Mom and the dogs.

97. She LOVES talking on the phone.

98. She can be bossy when she wants to be.

99. She has just started saying “WhatEVer.” UGH.

100. She enjoys dressing up and having adventures with Titus.

Titus and Rachel

101. She frequently does not understand the complex adventures Titus makes up for them. So she starts doing silly things which makes Titus mad because she’s not playing the right way.

102. Sometimes when she doesn’t understand she just starts yelling, “Titus! I no unnerstand.”

103. She is not a very patient traveler. When we drove 5 hours home from visitng friends in Arkansas a few weeks ago, she began asking, “We almost home?” five minutes after we left and continued asking all the way home.

104. She is learning that we don’t go through other people’s purses or bags.

105. She is also learning not to go through other people’s drawers/cabinets when visiting.

106. She likes to carry one of her four backpacks around with her filled with various toys.

107. Whenever we are in a store, she still constantly asks for everything she sees.

108. She can recognize her name when she sees it.

109. She does not like ice cream. In our family, this is highly unusual.

110. She likes her water ice cold now. If the ice is melted or it is slightly less than ice cold, she needs new water. Big change from our first day in China when the tap water was too cold.

111. She doesn’t like extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

112. If we’re going outside and it is either too hot or too cold, she says, “It too hot (cold)” and turns around to go back inside like we’re not going to go since she decided it’s too hot/cold. Same thing if we’re getting in the car.

113. She gets chilled easily especially when swimming or getting out of the bathtub.

114. She wants her hair to grow long.

115. She still likes to play beauty shop with Mama.

116. She gets anxious going on trips, and I have to reassure her that we are going home after so many nights. Once at our destination, she has a ball and usually wants to stay longer when it’s time to go home.

117. She loves horses and gets very excited whenever we pass some. What is it with girls and horses?

118. She likes to play on the computer but is not very good at it yet. That may be because it’s hard to get computer time around our house with her brothers competing for computer time.

119. She likes to have friends over to play. She frequently asks, “My friends come over today?”

120. She likes to check out books at the library.

121. She has been to five states: MS, AL, FL, AR, and TN.

122. She loves to wear dresses and cannot understand why we can’t wear our best dresses camping.

123. We’re still working on keeping her dresses down when she wears them. I usually make her wear shorts under them since this is such a big problem.

124. We also have problems keeping our shirt down.

125. She is extremely polite and says “Please” and “Thank you” without prompting.

126. She loves to listen to/sing along with Christy Nockels new cd Life Light Up. One of her favorite songs is also one of mine–“Song of the Beautiful”. One of the verses is:

The fallen back on their feet
The fatherless now complete…
The innocent suffering, rising from wounding, to find…You were there all along!

Rachel doesn’t know all of the words but she tries to sing along anyway, but she does know the chorus. She belts it out! I love hearing her sweet voice singing this!

It’s the song of the beautiful, Jesus Loves Me…
It’s the song of the beautiful, Jesus Saved Me…
The song of the redeemed, the echoes of those made free,
It’s the song of the beautiful, Jesus Loves Me…



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4 responses to “200 Days…126 Things About Rachel

  1. Oh Kim…you made me cry this morning. I so love reading all about Rachel’s favorite things. YouYou loves to sing the “Wise man built his house” song and she also loves ice water now! We really have to get them together. I’m definitely planning on coming to visit you guys next month while you are at the hospital…but they need to play together sometime when everyone is feeling well 🙂

  2. Aunt Susan

    We had such a wonderful time with Rachel last weekend. She is so delightful. She tried on her new clothes over and over and over. And Saturday morning when her three aunts were getting dressed for the party, she stayed right with us. She tried on all the jewelry that she could find in our suitcases – loves necklaces! Then she decided she needed a bra also and put one on over her sundress. She asked me if she could wear it to the party and I said “Ask your Daddy”. But she decided not to push tht envelope! I have a cute photo as soon as I can determine how to convert it from video to a print. (I hit the wrong button as I am not used to opertating the camera.)

  3. Erica, I soooo agree–we have to get the girls together soon!

    Susan, she definitely eats up all the girly-girl stuff. She loves watching me get ready and after I’m dressed she likes to admire what I have on especially if it’s a dress or skirt.

  4. Stacie

    We would really love for you to add LA to Rachel’s list of states she has visited!

    I enjoyed reading your list & wish we were closer so we could know her.

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