Surgery on Tuesday/147 Million Orphans

We are traveling to Birmingham tomorrow afternoon for Rachel to be admitted for heart surgery on Tuesday. I am so thankful to God as I have had complete peace about the surgery both the last time it was scheduled and this time. I am kind of in awe when I think about someone handling my daughter’s heart and amazed at the abilities that people have to do things like heart surgery.

I am also very thankful that some of Rachel’s fears about hospitals/doctors seem to be relieved after our “trial run”. We dealt some with her anxieties during the two days we were in the hospital in July. Now she doesn’t seem to get anxious at all talking about the hospital. She says, “Doctor work on my heart.”

My fear revolve around Rachel being afraid especially during the two nights when she is CICU. We were told last time at the hospital that they are really great in CICU about letting parents stay with children as much as possible. But we will not be able to stay with her at night. We MAY be able to stay in a family room at the hospital if one is available. Rachel will be sedated. My hope and prayer is that she will not know much of what is going on those two days.

My only other concern is that the surgeon told us that with children who have already had one surgery there sometimes seems to be more trouble stopping the bleeding and that if this happens we may have to stay in the hospital a few extra days. I really don’t want to do that, so let’s go ahead and pray against that possibility. šŸ™‚

Once again we appreciate any and all prayers and all of the support from our dear friends.

I want to share an AWESOME website I found recently. Please support this fantastic cause. Every child needs the love and care of a forever family. If you are able to adopt, please prayerfully consider giving an orphan a home. If you are not able to adopt, please support adoptive families and help improve the lives of the children who are still waiting for their families.


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  1. The Hammond’s will be in prayer for you guys this week…thank you in advance for keeping us updated šŸ™‚

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