She’s in Surgery

OOPS! Sorry. Tried to publish this one early today but didn’t work.

Rachel waiting in pre-op holding

Rachel in pre-op holding 9-1-09

They came to get Rachel for a chest x-ray last night about 11:40pm right after she had fallen asleep. She was a trooper though.  The x-ray tech let her see her x-ray and showed her where her heart was. Rachel wasn’t impressed.

I was up at five since I kept expecting them to come get us up any minute to get ready. Transport came about six to take Rachel to pre-op holding. We waited there for several hours playing with paper dolls and sticker books. We had the talk again about what was going to happen–Dr. Kirkland is going to work on her heart so that she can run fast, she will be asleep, she will have kind people to take care of her while she’s away from us, we will be waiting on her and she will see us when she wakes up. She kept saying she was tired. Finally, I lay beside her and she went to sleep. Thankfully, she slept when they rolled her away at 8:30. The anesthesiologist said that he would give her drugs in her IV that would knock her out in about 15 seconds as soon as she was taken back.

We went to move our baggage out of the hospital room since she will be in CICU tonight and stopped at the hospital’s Starbucks on the way back from the parking garage. Surgery started at 9:17 and should last about 4 hours. We will get a call when the major portion of the surgery is complete. Then Dr. Kirkland will meet with us after surgery. We will be able to see her about 30 minutes after she gets to CICU. The anesthesiologist said that she will likely not wake up til 3-4 hours after surgery.

Here’s Heart Surgery Bear. 🙂 Hey, is that one of the Care Bears?

Pre-op bear 9-1-09



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2 responses to “She’s in Surgery

  1. I was so glad to get your text that they are done! I don’t remember that nurse’s name that you mentioned, but it’s neat that some of them remember YouYou. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to all of your text’s. We might be the only one’s in the world who haven’t changed their cell phone plan to include unlimited text messages…we still have the plan that makes you pay for each one 🙂

    I can’t wait to read or hear more about how she’s doing…

    • Erica, Don’t worry about replying. I just wanted to let you know what’s going on. I know that you have been praying and appreciate that so very much. We have truly felt the prayers of everyone. It’s kind of mind-boggling-the peace that we’ve had through all of this.

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