Waiting for Sleep

After our experience last time we were here, the nurse practitioner for Rachel’s surgeon told us that we didn’t have to be here so early the day before this time (we had to be here at noon the day before surgery last time). So we arrived at UAB around 5pm, got checked in, played in the playroom a while, ate supper, got an IV started (trauma! šŸ˜¦ ), had our bath and wipe-down with antiseptic wipes, and are still awaiting transport to get a chest x-ray at 11:25pm. Rachel is about to fall asleep.

We are in the exact same room that Rachel was in for her heart cath in April and for her attempted surgery in July. We’ve decided that it should have a name plate on it that says “Rachel’s Room.” šŸ™‚

I got tickled when we arrived. Rachel’s nurse said, “I remember you! You are a wild one! I remember how active you are.” Rachel responded, “No, I’m not!” The nurse then said that she was wild in a fun way. I just glad I’m not the only one who notices. šŸ™‚

Hopefully, they will come soon to take Rachel to get her x-ray. We have to be up bright and early–5am. They transport her to pre-op holding at 5:30am so that we can wait for two more hours. Dr. Kirkland said that they should take her to prep her for surgery about 7:30am. Then it would be about another hour before surgery actually begins. The surgery will take about 4 hours.

I will update everyone as soon as I can. Thank you so much for all the prayers.



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2 responses to “Waiting for Sleep

  1. I just came here to check for an update and then noticed I had a message on my phone. It sounds like they are close and you’ll be seeing her soon. Continuing to pray…

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the back posts on your blog. I’m looking forward to hearing about Rachel’s progress as she heals!

    -Lisa (Firewalker)

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