She’s Awake

The nurse called us to come back while I was writing that last update. The nurse said she had opened her eyes briefly and tried to pull at her tubes. We sat with her a few minutes. Then she began opening her eyes and looking around then closing them. She would nod in response to questions we asked her. She occasionally would try to reach up and grab the ventilator tube. She was soooo pitiful whenever she would try to talk and she tried to cry a few times but no sound would come out. 😦 So hard to see. But I kept talking to her and that seemed to calm her down. We were able to stay with her about an hour. Then we had to leave during the shift change.

When we first got back in CICU, the doctor who runs it said that they had done a chest x-ray (they do them on everyone) and that she had a small pneumothorax (air between lung and chest cavity wall). He said that if it got worse they would have to put another chest tube in. But they did another chest x-ray while we were there, and it was not getting worse. So that doesn’t seem to be a big concern.

They took her off of the ventilator while we were there also. Poor baby! She was so pitiful trying to talk once they got it out. Her throat was extremely hoarse so that she could hardly make a sound even once the tube was out. It was hard to understand the things she was trying to say. I finally figured out that she was saying, “I can’t talk.” Then she told me “I don’t feel good.” Oh, I know baby! It just breaks my heart. I keep telling her that she will start feeling better real soon.

I was surprised by how much she was moving around already. She kept moving her legs and arms around. Whenever we asked her where she was hurting, she would put her hand on her chest. It’s just too much–to think about what her little body has been through today. It’s just amazing too! To think about what her body’s been through and to see her already moving around and talking!

We just need prayers that she will have a smooth night tonight. We are waiting to see how this nurse coming on will be about letting us stay with her. There is another visiting time from 8-9:30. So we will definitely see her then. If she’s doing okay, we will probably head to our friend’s house to get some rest.


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  1. Oh my word…I’m crying here thinking about her pointing to her little chest to say that is where it hurts. Was it time for them to give her some more pain medicine yet? Poor baby…

    Praising the Lord with you for pink toes 🙂

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