Still Doing Good

Rachel and Kim CICU

Rachel has mostly slept today. We’ve been able to go and sit with her for an hour at a time. But she seems to rest better when we aren’t there. When we are there, she’s afraid to fall asleep because she’s afraid we will leave her. We keep reassuring her that we are not leaving her. We are just waiting in another room so that she can rest and the nurses and doctors can do their jobs.

We had a couple of smiles today and then some laughs on our last visit. She kept kicking her covers off, but she doesn’t have any clothes on. We kept trying to get her to cover up, but she kept kicking it off. She thought it was a funny game. We saw a glimpse of her old self for a few minutes which is nice. 🙂 They finally found a gown that is not too tiny for her, and I convinced her to put it on.

They are trying to get her to drink some. She had a little Sprite. She said that she wanted a popsicle, but laughing made her feel a little sick. So she didn’t eat it.

Still monitoring her pneumothorax with chest x-rays. So far no real changes.

A funny: Tommy wanted to ask Dr. Kirklin when we saw him again about how the Glenn procedure that Rachel had in China looked. He was in CICU when we went to visit this afternoon, so Tommy asked. Dr. Kirklin said, “It looked like a Chinese Glenn. It definitely looked Chinese,” and then started chuckling. Tommy was a little miffed that he didn’t take his question seriously. I though it was funny!

Rachel seemed to be staying awake more during our last visit. She has not felt like watching tv when we asked her, but we turned it on before we left this time since she’s staying awake. We met her nurse for the night shift. She seems really sweet.

I cannot brag enough on how nice everyone is who we have interacted with here at UAB. Every single person from transport to nurses’ aides, nurses, doctors have been super super nice and go above and beyond to answer questions or get us what we need. They all seem to work together really well too.

Here’s a few pics from our last visit. Erica, I counted–she has FIVE chest tubes. Also, the nurses told us that she is at the exact same station YouYou was at during her first stay in CICU. 🙂

Rachel CICU

We have another photos that is too risque to post. It’s of her laughing nude phase. 🙂



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2 responses to “Still Doing Good

  1. Amy

    I’m thankful to see Rachel doing so well. I can’t imagine what this week (and year!) has been like for your family. You are in my prayers.

  2. FIVE chest tubes!! Oh my goodness! I really only remember YouYou having one? But I do realize she had a different surgery 🙂 She’s going to feel so much better when she gets those tubes out…I’m praying that happens quickly.

    If you see Dr. Romp while you are on the floor (he might be one of the cardiologists on call) then please tell him we said hello!

    Hoping to see you Friday…

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