We’re In a Room!

Rachel had another good night. She was sleeping when we went to see her last night before leaving. She didn’t even wake up when we tried to talk to her. She kind of acted like she was mad at us during our visit before. She wouldn’t talk to us and was just kind of pouty. That’s understandable.

This morning when we arrived she was sitting in a chair, but she was crying because she didn’t want to take her medicine (Tylenol). She is great about taking her medicine usually, but whenever she fills bad she fights it even spitting it out. They are just giving her Tylenol instead of morphine now. I got her to take it, and then got to hold her for awhile.

During the night they had weaned her off of most of her meds that were helping her heart. She was also off of the pacemaker. They did decide to put the pacemaker back on because her heart rate has dropped down a couple of times. The pacemaker is not doing anything. It’s just set to kick in if her heart rate drops too low, just a precaution. The doctor feels like this will take care of itself and should improve the more she starts moving around. Her pneumothorax is the same, but again the doctor feels like this will take care of itself when she starts moving around more. That’s our job–get her sitting up and walking around some. Her Granny is on her way here and is bringing Rachel’s brothers with her, so they should help with that some.

They took out three of her five chest tubes this morning and unhooked some more tubes and IVs. AND we moved to a room just after lunch! We convinced her to walk from the hall to her bed because she needs to start moving around more. She did it, but she wasn’t happy about it. She’s napping right now, but we’re going to try to get her to sit up some after she rests.

We have been talking to the boys every night. Last night it was close to bedtime when we called. Caleb sounded like he was worn completely out. He started crying and saying that he missed us. My mom was already planning to come to see us today, so I told Caleb that he could come over her to visit with Granny and that Dad was probably coming home today. Then I talked to Titus who was spending the night with Granny last night and told him that he could come visit too if he wanted to. He immediately said, “I want to come!” So Mom’s on her way with all three of the boys. The plan is for Tommy to head home tonight. Mom may stay here with me. I really don’t think we’ll have too hard of a time as well as Rachel has been doing. We’ll see. Keep the prayers coming.


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One response to “We’re In a Room!

  1. Being in a room means you are that much closer to getting to go home…YIPPEE!!

    I don’t think I’ll make it to see you tomorrow (Friday)…I so wish I could be there. I’m there in my heart though 😦 Okay, that sounded really cheesy.

    Please tell Rachel that YouYou said “Hi” and she has been praying for her.

    Big Hugs!

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