Long Afternoon

Everything went well, but it was a long afternoon. They carried Rachel to CICU around 2:30pm. The doctor had to do the same procedure on another little boy first. So Rachel and I just hung out and watched tv for a while. She was tired after being awake since mid-morning, but she was afraid that I was going to leave her. So I asked the nurse where I would go to wait while they were doing the procedure. She sat Rachel up and showed her the little room down the hall where I would be waiting while she was asleep. So Rachel finally took a nap. I was able to stay with Rachel until the sleepy medicine knocked her out–which was about 20 seconds after they gave it to her. They started the procedure at 4:30 and were finished at 5. She was already waking up some when they came to get me at 5. She was still very groggy though. She slept off and on until we left CICU at 6:30.

They took out one of her chest tubes that had stopped draining, but they put one in her left side to drain the fluid next to her lung. So she still has two chest tubes. They drained off 10 ounces of fluid immediately after putting the tube in.

Her side has been hurting some, but they gave her morphine for that. She has been nauseous again too, sipping on water and ice chips and throwing up some of that. She’s pretty pitiful again, but I’m hoping that she’ll bounce back tomorrow. Today she kept saying, “I don’t like going to the hospital.” 😦

I still keep marveling at her pink fingers and toes! She loves to have her finger and toenails painted. Tommy told her that he thought she should only wear clear nail polish from now on since she has had the most expensive nail job ever. 🙂


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