Good Day

Rachel and I spent the day playing paper dolls, playing Polly Pocket, coloring,  practicing writing letters, watching tv, and napping. We took two walks in the hall. The first one she asked to walk around. The second one she asked if she could ride in the wagon. But we made her walk. Her side where the newest chest tube is has been hurting some, but the pain goes away with Tylenol. She has been awake most of the day except for about a 45 minute nap which means she has been wearing me out. 😉 Things are definitely getting back to normal. She was able to get off of oxygen today, and she was unhooked from the pacemaker. Doctor said she will most likely get rid of a chest tube tomorrow. YEAH! The new chest tube has slowed down in the amount of drainage, so I’m hoping maybe it will come out the next day. She is quickly getting back to her normal eating habits–eating non-stop all day. We’re watching The Sound of Music right now which we both love. Oh, the joys of having a girl! I finally have someone in the house who appreciates The Sound of Music. 🙂

Wish I could post pics from today. Unfortunately I don’t have my camera cord, and Tommy took his iphone with him.


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