Post-op Day 6

Last night was the first rough night we’ve had. Rachel was very active and rode the bike a lot yesterday. I had to MAKE her stop and rest because I was afraid of her overdoing it. I don’t know if it was that or just the constant irritation of the chest tubes, but she did not sleep well. She was restless and kept waking up crying. When I asked her if she was hurting, she shook her head “no” and went back to sleep. At 2am when she awoke and I asked her if she was hurting, she nodded “yes” and pointed to the chest tube in her left side when I asked her where. So we got some Tylenol, and she slept great the rest of the night.

Today the doctor came by around noon. He took out one chest tube and the two pacemaker wires, and the nurse took out the central line in her neck. Rachel was NOT a happy camper! She screamed bloody murder. I was so busy trying to calm her that I didn’t talk to the doctor about the other chest tube and going home. So I asked the nurse later. She said that Rachel still had a little more drainage than they like coming from the remaining tube but that it will likely come out tomorrow. She also said that they occasionally let patients go home on the same day as removing the chest tube, but they usually like to watch them another day. Ugggh! Things here have really gone great here so far. I am so very grateful for that, but I am so ready to go home at this point. Rachel is fully enjoying having me all to herself and as her own personal servant 24 hours a day. I think she’s to the point of milking this for all it’s worth. 😛

Two of Tommy’s cousins who live in Birmingham came by today. Then my sister and her three girls came by on their way home from visiting my dad. They stayed and played with Rachel for about an hour, but Rachel was still kind of upset over the whole removal-of-tubes experience that she didn’t seem to enjoy them very much. We took a nap after they left, and she woke up crying and not feeling good but wanting to ride the bike. I told her that she could not ride the bike while she’s crying and not feeling good. So a couple of hours and a meal later, we’re off to ride the bike!

Continue to pray for Rachel’s recovery and for my sanity. 🙂


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  1. Hi from Shelli, Rou Rou and Hui Hui….
    Oh the poor baby…that removal sounds so traumatic. I hope she is getting tons of pain meds. I just responded to your email….with another long email.
    We hope you get home soon:) and that Rachel continues to recover well.


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