Post-op Day Day 5

Another good day. Rachel is definitely well on her way to recovering = she is wearing Mama out! 😉 The first doctor we saw today said that he needed to discuss Rachel’s chest x-ray with the other doc, but he thought that she might get her two chest tubes out today and possibly go home tomorrow. He shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. The second doc came in later and said that they would take the tubes out tomorrow morning and she could go home on Tuesday. Still good news though!

I talked to Tommy and my mom and told them that I don’t see any need for anyone to stay here at night but that it would be nice to have some relief during the day. So Tommy brought the boys for a visit this afternoon. Mom is coming tomorrow.

Rachel went on several walks today. And she discovered a bicycle. Here are photos of her riding the bike while Tommy and the boys were here.

Here you can see all of her equipment we have to carry with us–it’s much less than yesterday though.

9-6-09 Rachel riding bike in hospital6

This is the first time she’s ever ridden a bike. Titus has one this size with training wheels, but I don’t think she’s ever ridden it because we don’t have a good place to ride. She has been asking for a bike for months; only she calls it a “motorcycle”. “I want a motorcycle,” she says whenever she sees a bicycle.  I think Santa Claus might have to bring her one.

9-6-09 Rachel riding bike in hospital2

Today when we asked her if she wants a bike she said, “I want a PRINCESS bike.”

9-6-09 Rachel riding bike in hospital7

I enjoyed getting to see my boys. And Rachel felt good enough to play with them some although she was rather quiet the first little bit they were here. I get the feeling that she doesn’t like having to go back to sharing attention with them. I think she ended up having fun though. Eli and I made a Target run and enjoyed having some time together. He’s such a cool guy! I LOVE 13! I enjoy the baby and toddler years so much, and elementary age is fun. But so far 13 is my favorite. 🙂 When Eli and I left, Tommy and Rachel were playing paper dolls. I’ll upload that photo later. 😛



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3 responses to “Post-op Day Day 5

  1. Oh, she DEFINITELY needs a princess bike! Or a princess “motorcycle”!

    Her color is so good, and what a great smile!

  2. Renee

    She is absolutely beautiful! Love the last picture of her on the “motorcycle.” Glad we got to talk to day. I love you and ALL your babies (even the big 13 yo one!)

  3. I’m rejoicing with you guys on Rachel’s progress! These photos are priceless!

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