Hospital Photos

Rachel is doing great! People who have seen her cannot believe that she had heart surgery a few weeks ago. She is running all over the place!

We rested the first couple of days home. Then last week began trying to get back into our school routine. Hey, didn’t we just do this a few weeks ago? Been busy, busy, busy.

We have an appointment tomorrow with Rachel’s cardiologist to get her stitches out. (Interestingly, she just had some sort of skin glue and steri-strips over her chest incision, but she has stitches where her chest tubes were.) It should be very traumatic. We had an appointment with her pediatrician this week just to see how she’s doing. I told Rachel ahead of time that Dr. Shirley just needed to look at her boo-boo’s, that she was not going to do anything to hurt her. Rachel went berserk. Of course, who can blame her after what she’s been through.

Here are some hospital photos that I couldn’t post in hospital because I forgot my camera cord.

August 31st: After admission, “We got the same room for the third time! This must be ‘Rachel’s Room’.”

Aug 31

EARLY Sept. 1st: Doing our 2 hour wait in pre-op holding

Day 1, pre-op holding

Day 1, pre-op holding 2

She was so sleepy. I finally lay down beside her, and she went to sleep. God is so very good. She slept as they rolled her away.

Day 1, sleeping in pre-op holding

Hospital day 3: Moved to a room, and Granny and the boys came to visit. Granny spent the night. Notice Rachel’s look, or should I say glare, at me. 🙂

Day 3, Rachel & Granny

Hospital day 5: Sitting up in chair playing

Day 5, sitting up

Pink toenails! 🙂

Day 6, Pink toenails!

Pink fingernails! 🙂

Day 6, Pink fingernails!

Clowning 😛

Day 6, clowning

Hospital day 6: Dad and brothers come to visit. Rachel and Dad playing paper dolls.  “I never thought I’d be playing paper dolls.”

Day 6, paperdolls

Walking in the hall. I posted this one so that you can see how big Eli, my 13yo, is. He’s 5’5″, one inch shorter than me. :-0

Day 6, walking in hall

Rachel discovers the Dora bike and does not want to quit riding. Mom has to follow along with all the chest tubes.

Day 6, discovers bike

Titus and me catching up on missed cuddle time. 🙂

Day 6, Titus and Mom

Rachel and her loving brothers. “Do we have to sit by her?”

Day 6, the kids

Hospital day 7: Rachel doing her schoolwork. I brought it because I knew she’d ask to “do school”. She loves it!

Day 6, schoolwork

Cousins, Mary Carsen, Eliza, and Nora Blayre, visit

Day 7, cousins visit

A nurse on staff brought her this puppy.

Day 7, puppy

Hospital day 8: Mom discovers, not only do I like turnip greens, but I like grits.

Day 8, grits

Helping Mom do laundry. I think she’s well enough to go home now.

Day 9, laundry

Hospital day 9: Ready to go home!!!

Day 9, home

Our self-portrait. Waiting for Dad.

Day 9, self-portrait


Day 9, leaving

Boy, it feels good to get a real bath. And it feels even better to dress like a princess. Thanks Renee, Casey, and Caitlin!


Two days after coming home from the hospital, we celebrated my 39th birthday! Yes, September 11th is not only a day of mourning. It’s the day I came into the world. 😉 I just had to share this photo. That night we had Stromboli’s pizza and a Cold STONE ice cream cake, emphasis on “stone”, and watched movies. Here’s what happened when I tried to cut my cake:


Wonder if that’s a bad omen or something? Maybe, it just means it’s time for new knives. 😀


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One response to “Hospital Photos

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kim!!!!

    I love seeing all of the hospital pictures. I remember how Rachel’s toes looked in China…wow!!! They are so pink now!

    It seemed to take forever for the glue stuff to wear off of YouYou’s little chest. And you are right, I bet the stitches removal will be traumatic! At least it will be quick!

    Love you guys…


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