Cardiologist Visit

Rachel and I went to Birmingham on Monday for a visit to her cardiologist, Dr. Johnson. He was very happy with how everything looks. He said that for now they will just monitor the narrowing going to her left lung from the previous surgery in China. If they begin to see reduced blood flow there, they will do a heart cath and try to widen it. We go back in two months.

I tried my best to prepare Rachel for having the stitches out. I told her that she needed to be brave that she would mostly feel pulling, that it should not hurt too bad, that it would not take but a few minutes, that she can squeeze my hand, that she can get a prize at Target if she was a brave girl. All to no avail. That’s the loudest I’ve ever heard her scream, and she’s a pretty loud kid. Took three of us to hold her down. Even Dr. Johnson who’s a kind, grandfatherly-type man said, “I think you’re being a little dramatic.” Everyone in the office knew that Rachel was not happy. She cried for quite a while after we left the office. She tends to do that after traumatic events. At least she cried until we came to a bakery in the hospital and stopped for Icees and cupcakes. 🙂 And we did go to Target and get a prize anyway. I guess she was as brave as she could be.


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