Our Summer, Birthday #1

Whew! What a busy and fun summer we had, two birthdays, a trip to the beach, lots of friends over to swim! I’m trying to catch up on all that we’ve done this summer, but it may take awhile. 🙂

Here is Rachel ready for church complete with animals and purse.

June 2009

Rachel turned six on June 1st. That was on a Monday. First thing that morning and repeatedly throughout the day she asked me, “Where my cake?” Later she said, “I want my presents.” We asked her if she ever had a birthday cake or birthday presents in China. She said “no”. But it sure hasn’t taken her long to learn about birthdays!

We went out to eat with Granny that evening. Then we had to go to the ball field for Titus’ t-ball game. Grandpa met us at the ball field and gave Rachel a birthday present after the game. Rachel and I went to Wal-Mart to get a small cake. She had been asking for a princess cake for weeks, but I told her that we were going to get that for her party. She saw a cute puppy cake made out of cupcakes and that’s what she wanted.

Here’s the birthday girl out to eat at The Grill. She had chicken strips.

June 2009 2

Here she is lounging on the bench in the restaurant.

June 2009 3

We went home for cake, ice cream, and presents. The highlight was a dollhouse from Granny and Mom and Dad. I wondered if it would be worth the cost. I was afraid that she wouldn’t play with it much. Was I wrong! She loves her dollhouse and plays with it every single day. Sometimes she plays with it by herself. But frequently she and Titus play with it together for hours at a time. Of course, Titus has to use his Star Wars figures. 🙂

Here’s the puppy cake

June 2009 4

“Happy Birthday to You” my beautiful birthday girl!

June 2009 5

So happy!

June 2009 6

Make a wish…

June 2009 7

Our princess

June 2009 8

I finally get my presents!

June 2009 9

Eli bringing in the BIG present

June 2009 10

Apparently, we should have bought a dollhouse for the boys a long time ago. 🙂

June 2009 11

June 2009 12

Rachel and brothers

June 2009 13

Happy end to a GREAT birthday.

June 2009 14


June 2009 15

Our dear friends Celsie and Robert graciously allowed us to turn their luau which was already planned for the weekend following Rachel’s birthday into a luau/birthday party.

Here’s Rachel on the way to her party.


When we got to the party, there was a banner that said “Aloha” or something Hawaiian. Rachel stopped and pointed up to it and said, “Happy…Birthday…. Rachel” like she was reading it. I said, “That’s right.”

Rachel and her friend Natalie

Rachel and Natalie

Princess cake! Starring Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and Princess Rachel.

B'day cake

Happy Birthday to you! Ms. Celsie even had a princess dress for Rachel to wear!

Rachel and cake

Rachel and cake2

Rachel's party

Rachel had a wonderful time at her princess/Hawaiian birthday party! Thank you so very much Robert and Celsie for making Rachel’s first birthday at home unforgetable!



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3 responses to “Our Summer, Birthday #1

  1. I love the picture of your 3 boys and Rachel…her little foot sticking up makes me smile. I think I recognize the outfit she’s wearing at the luau party. Is that the one I bought a matching one of while we were in China? Too cute! Happy late birthday Rachel!

  2. Maria

    Do you know where i can find the plastic towers and picture frame/ door that were added to your little girls cake? I want to attempt to make something like this for my little girl.

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