Love Without Boundaries


I’ve shared about Love Without Boundaries before. I LOVE this organization and what they are doing in China! They have programs ranging from providing nutrition assistance to orphanages to foster care sponsorship to healing homes for cleft lip/palate children and children with health problems that need extra attention in order for them to thrive. We sponsor a precious little girl in foster care in China through LWB.

In 2004 they published the book Love’s Journey: A Collage of the China Adoption Experience. Any of you adoptive families who are interested, right now they are giving away copies of their book Love’s Journey 2: The Red Thread. All you have to do is mention the website on your blog or facebook page and send the link to them along with $5 S&H. I have already received my book because Love Without Boundaries was my Facebook birthday wish. It is a nearly 300 page, lovely coffee-table book filled with photos and adoption stories. Here is the link with steps to getting your own book.

I mentioned that I posted Love Without Boundaries on Facebook as my birthday wish. I cannot find the link to this, but I think this is also an awesome way to help people. Most of us do not need one single thing for our birthdays. Not really. This is a great way to help others by using your birthday wish to raise funds for your favorite charity.


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