Caleb’s Sleepover

Yes, I am a bad, bad blogger! Moving on.

Caleb wanted to have a sleepover this fall. Reason: In the spring whenever he has his birthday sleepover, it’s baseball season. So he needs to have a fall sleepover so that he and his buddies can play football.

He had three friends sleepover a few weeks ago. (I had some friends sleepover, too! We had a blast!) Friday night it was pouring rain and lightning. So when they asked if they could play football, the answer was “NO.” They found plenty to do inside with the Nerf guns and game systems.

In the morning Caleb awakened me to ask if they could play football. I told him to take a bunch of towels out with them and they could. They spent several hours in the mud and at one time pouring rain and had the time of their lives! Here are the photos.

At this point they are playing football on their knees. And, yes, some of them are playing in their socks. Why? I do not know.


Be sure to wash all the mud out of your hair!


That’s what friends are for! 🙂


We MADE them get muddy again for a group photo. You can tell they had a rotten time doing it!





Here is Caleb and his best friend, Robert. They have an unusual bond for nine-year-old boys. They were born 9 days apart. Linda, Robert’s mom who is also one of my dearest friends, and I think that they were best friends before they were even born. 😉 BUT there is still that competitive male nature.

Here Robert is trying to flip Caleb.


I LOVE THIS NEXT PHOTO! Just look at the sheer determination and the muscles at work in Robert’s left and Caleb’s right leg. Robert is determined to take Caleb down, and Caleb is determined that his foot is not leaving the ground! LOVE IT!


Just had to put this one of Caleb


And, finally, a group photo



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