Summer, Part 2

I am soooo behind. Life’ s a little too busy for blogging right now. We had such a fun summer though that I want to share for those few of you who are still reading.

Caleb had another awesomely fun year of baseball. It was a hard ending though. His team came in second in their league in the end-of-the-season tournament for the second year in row. So hard on my super competitive boy. He’s more competitive than your average boy, I promise. Just yesterday he was bawling in the floor like a two-year-old because his fantasy football team lost by 1 point!

Here’s the team in a huddle between last two games. Tommy coached his team.

Caleb b-ball

Here’s Caleb with his trophy. First smile after final loss. Rest of team had moved on 30 minutes before and were enjoying their ice cream, but not my Caleb.

Caleb b-ball2

Here’s the team. They were AWESOME! So proud of them!

Caleb b-ball3

Here’s Rachel and Grandpa at the ball field.

Rachel & Grandpa

Here’s my cutie pie again!

Rachel at ball field

Titus had a great first year of t-ball. He’s so much fun to watch! He imitates Caleb because he’s watched him play so much and played with him in the backyard.

Titus in field

Titus catching ball

Titus batting

Titus running to first

Here he is with his trophy given to him by his daddy. Yes, Tommy coached both Caleb and Titus’ teams this year. It was crazy.

Titus t-ball2

I think I posted this before, but I LOVE this photo of Titus and Rachel! These two are always having some kind of adventure.

Titus and Rachel

In July we celebrated Titus’ 6th birthday!


I don’t know what these two would do without each other.

Titus and Caleb

Titus enjoying his Chronicles of Narnia cake

Titus eating cake

Titus enjoying the pool

Pool, Titus

Caleb and Robert eating popsicles

C & R

Best Friends!

C & R 2


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