Favorite Photos of the Holidays

Christmas Eve

Granny and Rachel on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning, Caleb put on his Patriots helmet first thing and didn’t take it off.

Rachel put on her Little Mermaid sunglasses from Santa and didn’t take them off all morning.

Our in-house movie star waiting for her nails to dry after her manicure

Titus had a Lego Christmas. At one point he said when opening a present, “I hope it’s not another thing I have to build.” But he loved it all. Reminds me so much of Eli at 6.

Caleb and Tommy putting together Caleb’s vibrating football game. Yes, just like the ones they had when we were kids.

My Eli. Love this guy.

Mom and Rachel lounging Christmas afternoon

Our family

We spent a few lovely days at home around Christmas Day. Then we were off to celebrate some more. These photos are from Christmas at Grandma’s house.

Caleb with his Tom Brady jersey and Patriots helmet

This is about as excited as Eli gets. I promise he’s jumping up and down on the inside.

Tommy’s mother has these gargantuan magnolia trees in her front yard. They are perfect for hiding and playing in. Once you enter the leaves, you are in your own little world. The kids play a game they call “monkey” with Aunt Susan. They are monkeys, and Aunt Susan’s the zookeeper looking for the escaped monkeys.


We spent New Year’s Eve with our dear friends, the Thompsons. Then my sister and family came down from Nashville New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day. Granny with all of the grandkids.

Eli with Aunt Christy

Rachel and her cousin Eliza. Two peas in a pod. These two have so much fun together, and they wreak havoc on Granny’s house together.


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One response to “Favorite Photos of the Holidays

  1. I think the family picture in front of the tree is my favorite!

    Love them all though…

    Hey, and I almost forgot to say thank you for the Christmas card!



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